I-League 2: Josco FC | Team Profile

March 28th, 2011 Section: Features, I League 2nd Division, Josco FC

We continue our series, this time with the very promising Josco FC…

Team name: Josco FC

Josco FC was formed in 2007 by the football crazy owner of business conglomerate Josco Group, Mr Tony Jose. The team was led into the Ernakulam Second Division with the then coach and now assistant coach TG Purushottaman with the aim of playing in the lower leagues for an year and then shooting from the hip towards the ultimate goal, that of getting into the I-league and staying put. The penultimate goal would be of-course to be I-league champions. Here is the team profile of the much talked about, much-discussed, credible, strong and achieving team of Josco FC.

Past Achievements:
The famed and much accomplished coach of national repute TK Chathunny came to the club in late 2008 with the 2009-2010 season and future of the club in mind. The club having had accomplishments of beating I-league club Pune FC in a tournament in Kolhapur went on to reach the semi-finals of the Kerala State Club championship and GV Raja Championship and put up a good fight in the Malayala Manorama Gold Cup All-India Football Tournament in Edavanna in 2009-2010.

Form Guide:
The 2010-2011 ongoing season has been simply fantastic for Josco FC with the team having won all tournaments it went into with great attacking style and form. An average of four goals scored in every match all along the season and a clean sheet in goals conceded all season is a clear indicator of things to come. Josco FC has already won the Fourth Navy Week Football Championship for the Dhronacharya Trophy, the 35th Kerala State Club Championship for NI David Trophy, the Chattisgarh Bisahu Das Memorial Tournament and the 36th Mathrubhumi Kerala State Club Championship at Wayanad. Remember guys the year is not yet over and the achievement list is long and strong. The harbinger of attacking football is here and here in style.

Doumbi Amamadou (Ivory Coast, Netaji SC Chennai), Jeribe Kelechi (Nigeria, Don Bosco Youth, TN), Biju Kumar TV (Vasco Sports Club) Anish KP (Viva Kerala) Vinshob VM (Viva Kerala), Shabeer PM (Kangre FC)
OUT: Sumesh N (SBT), Sajin D (Central Excise)

Team Officials:
Josco FC is coached by Ghee Varghese, former coach of Titanium FC, one of the only two ‘A’ licence coaches in Kerala. The famed TK Chathunny has taken over as Technical Director, CV Pappachan also is a Technical Director, with Sanoj as the Club Secretary, Sunny Paul as Manager and Tony Jose, the owner, as President. It’s a good team with strong credentials in recent season to do the talk for them of their ability to stand out as exceptional professionals.

Josco FC has a well-knit functional unit that works with good co-ordination in an attacking format. The foreign players are the team asset and will add fire power to their attack.

This would be the first time the team participates in the I-league second division. It’s inexperience at these levels could prove to be it’s undoing though the team has proved otherwise so far. Josco is also clubbed with some strong clubs like Mohammed Sporting, Sesa Football Academy and Malabar United.

Squad List:
Shabeer PM, Sharath, Shijil Varghese
Defenders: Srinath TK, Sharif Khan, Nawaz, Nikhil Das, Nidhil Ramesh, Lijo AV
Midfielders: Biju Kumar TV, Sajith T, Satish TS, Anish KP, Stephen Lijo, Praveen Kumar, Sarath Nath, Daison Devdas, Bijo Paul
Forwards: Doumbi Amamadou, Jerebe Kelachi, Joseph Pereira

Key Players: Stephen Lijo, Satish TS, Doumbi Amamadou, Jerebe Kelachi

Upcoming Fixtures:
Josco FC will feature prominently in the I-League Second Division fixtures leading up to qualification into the I-league. You can look out for the following matches of Josco FC in the coming days.

April 2, 2011 – Denzong Boyz vs. Josco FC
April 4, 2011 – Kenkre FC vs. Josco FC
April 9, 2011 – Josco FC vs. Ar-Hima
April 12, 2011 – Josco FC vs. Mohammedan Sporting
April 15, 2011 – Josco FC vs. SESA
April 18, 2011 – Malabar United vs. Josco FC

Venue: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Gopal Sea writes for FootballKerala.com